Cost of Living in Koh Tao

One of the primary selling features about life as a scuba professional in Thailand is the low cost of living. For less than 30,000 baht ($1000 US) a month you can enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle that includes: accommodation with A/C, your own scooter/motorbike, majority of meals eaten out at local restaurants and a drink or two after a day of work. This is one of the main reasons of why we consider Thailand to be one of the best places to do your divemaster internship; you just can’t go wrong for the price.

Monthly Breakdown, Cost of Living Koh Tao

To provide an example here is the monthly breakdown of my monthly costs when I was living on Koh Tao.

  • Rent for a very nice one-room apartment with A/C, hot water, a small balcony, weekly maid service, TV, a mini-fridge and Wi-Fi. 10,500 baht
  • Food, with all meals eaten out at local restaurants and street carts. I also would eat on average on more expensive western meal a week. 7,000 baht
  • Drinking, casual drinks most days after work with one or two nights of partying a week. 6,000 baht
  • Miscellaneous expenses, Advil, Band-Aids, shampoo, soap, etc. 800 baht

This gives me a monthly living cost of 24,300 baht ($810 US a month). Now this would be the monthly cost if you were living alone. I was there with a friend so we actually split the monthly rental cost, making my monthly cost actually 19,050 baht.

If you wanted to rent your own scooter youre looking at 200 a day, 1000 a week, or 3000 baht a month. You also have to factor in the cost of gas, which is around 50 baht a liter, although scooters use very little fuel (so this will only be around 300 baht a month).