Divemaster Internship

Divemasters going for a night dive

A divemaster internship lets you experience an active, but relaxed lifestyle that others will envy. It’s your first taste of the possibilities of life as a scuba professional. Having experienced it first hand, I can definitely recommend it to:

1. The desk bound office worker, who wants to escape the repetitive day-to-day grind.
2. Students on a gap year, or recent graduates who are fed up with the library and want to learn hands-on applicable skills.
3. The backpacker who needs a break from the road and wants to settle down to truly experience a location.
4. The die-hard diver who would rather be in the water than out and is at their most comfortable 30m under the ocean.
5. Anyone who just wants to shake up their routine and experience something new, while meeting people from all over and making friends who share your interests.

After completing your divemaster internship you will be a certified PADI Divemaster. Working as a divemaster will include: organizing and leading certified divers on diving tours, conducting refresher courses for certified divers who have been out of the water too long and aiding instructors in conducting their courses.