Scuba Instructor Salary

When it comes to doing a job that you really love, it seems like you never work as hard as you feel like you do if you are doing something that you absolutely hate on a daily basis. That is one reason why some people choose to make money as a scuba instructor. This is a unique profession and people that are involved in it are typically very passionate about the job.

It gives them an opportunity to teach other people how to enjoy the same thing while they themselves are in the realm of the ocean, which is something that many people consider to be nothing short of breathtaking. For these reasons, many individuals ultimately make the choice to become a scuba instructor. They then must set out to find out where they can live so that they can earn enough money to live comfortably and do what they love to do.

What can you make?

What can you makeScuba instructors in Thailand can expect to make just enough money to live off of as long as they are careful about their spending habits and they work diligently to maximize what they earn. Typically speaking, a scuba instructor that is living and working in Thailand can expect to make approximately $800 to $900 in U.S. funds based on their salary, with some additional funds that can be made through bonuses and commissions. Typically, the total amount is approximately $1000 in U.S. funds. By the same token, these individuals can usually expect to spend approximately $700 to $800 in U.S. funds on basic living expenditures. These include things such as housing, transportation, clothing and food.