The Experience

PADI professional ladderThe first rung of the  is the PADI Divemaster. This course is done through a divemaster internship at a certified PADI dive shop or resort. To enroll in the divemaster program you must already have your PADI Rescue Diver and have logged at least 40 dives. If you do not meet these requirements, don’t worry, as many shops offer packages that will include the necessary pre-requisites courses, along with unlimited diving so that you can get the required 40 dives. You should have your own scuba gear to use (many packages include basic gear), however many shops will let you use their rental equipment when it’s available. We recommend either buying a package before hand such as Cressi Start Scuba Diving, Dive Gear Package, or buying a divemaster package that includes gear with it.

The divemaster internship itself is a ton of fun and will be an experience that you wont forget; we know we haven’t forgotten ours! Not only will you be doing something you love everyday, you will also be learning new skills that you can then practice during your free time when you get to go diving with the other divemasters in training (DMT’s). This group of DMT’s will consist of guys and girls from all over the world who share your love of diving; not only will they be your colleagues during your internship, they will also become some of your closest friends.

While you have the option to dive on both morning and afternoon boats (plus the odd night boat), you generally will only do one boat a day and/or a training exercise with your PADI Instructor. This is great because it keeps you busy during the day but leaves you the evening and night to enjoy the Thailand Scuba Lifestyle.